Extending love to the planet amidst dark times

September 15, 2017

All pain and fear stems from the illusion of separation. From the idea that we are somehow separate beings on our own personal missions to one up each other. It is this wrong minded thinking that has caused the disconnection on earth that has never felt more tangible as it does now. 

The polarity of love and fear has never been so potent. It’s contrast so stark. With the darkness we are facing more and more of us are called to the light. Organisations such as ourselves are a core component in raising the frequency of the planet to allow for more light. It is quite extraordinary how we have been spiritually programmed for this time, for we can see a greater numbers of healers and light workers stepping into their shine and power than ever before. Though many are called to do specific work to serve the collective conscious we are all responsible for bringing light to the planet. We are conduits of love and therefore conductors of peace. At source level we are all the same, energetic spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and in doing so expanding the consciousness of the planet. Beyond this temporary physical experience we are light beings and therefore connected by this united experience. Skin colour, race, sexuality and all other preference are of no consequence or relevance to the soul. The soul wants the same as all other souls which is to extend the love that is the truth of its being. To be loved and to love this is the common thread and desire to all in the human experience. 
There are many ways we can extend love and dampen the darkness that appears to prevail. both within ourselves and the planet. 
We would like to share with you three ways to do this and I hope you will join our mission of love in unity in making these a part of your experience. 
1. When you find yourself in the midst of judgement of another remember they are like you an expression of divine light from the same source that you came. Their expression may not look like yours but it is no less valuable. When we judge others we often label them and give them negative traits. This method dehumanises them so as for us to feel this behaviour is somehow ok but when we dehumanise another we dehumanise ourselves. When we shame, we shame ourselves. As Brene Brown says shame never drives positive behaviour so in order to affect positive change we must stop ourselves in engaging in this type of lexicon. No one is morally exempt from love.
2. Self love may be a term with now somewhat fluffy connotations but it is an incredibly important one. The concept of self love is to fill up our own cups so that we may not seek externally for the love that we desire. So many of us seek love in empty pursuits, In food, in sex, in toxic relationships, in scrolling aimlessly through social media. These loveless pursuits are merely void filling distractions. When we get back to self love, remembering who we are, giving back to ourselves what we are seeking, we welcome the steady flow of love that is always seeking us and will fill us up as long as we allow it.
3.We are all compassionate beings at heart and the more we practise compassion the more we welcome opportunities to practise it further. One way to practise compassion is merely to send love and good intentions to others. Especially to those that we may perceive as being less privileged as ourselves. Next time you pass the homeless man on the street send him love for he like you is just another expression of our collective being. We say to them I love you in our thoughts. When you feel the call of compassion act on it, this is your time to shine and do gods work, that of contribution, that of life and love giving for all love is life giving and all life starts with love. 

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