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Stay Ready then you never have to get ready

This has come to be one of my most significant life mantras I have lived most of my life thriving on overwhelm, leaving everything until the last minute then scrambling under pressure for what ever it might have been I needed to get ready for. I...

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How to stay fresh when flying and travel like a PRO

If you follow me on social media you may have seen I have been travelling the last few weeks. My partner and I were running events in London and then Dubai then back to London again before flying back to Ireland. Although I love to travel and I am...

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How to clear negative vibrations from your living environment

I have personally experienced health issues, frustration, blocks and lack of motivation and energy as a result of negative living environments. I'm really interested in how our environment can affect our physical and mental health and I believe it...

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Sustain The Glow Interview with Julia Cameron

Recent Interview with our founder Julia Cameron at Sustain The Glow Magazine - A source for wellness and lifestyle tips to help you glow from the inside out. Read the full article HERE This month’s Life Stories is lifestyle blogger and...

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Cacao – The Goddess Elixir

I make no secrets that I eat chocolate every day. Its the one thing I really can't give up. Ok I eat the good kind, 81% or more dark, a couple of squares a day and always at breakfast which I know sounds mad but its just so dreamy with my morning...

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The Curse of Comparison and how I overcame it

We spend so much time thinking about what more we can do and take on, what next we can add to our roster of achievements.  We ask how can we have more? What we sometimes forget is that in order to have those things and the ability to achieve...

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