Inspirational Entrepeneur Interview with Alice Mackintosh – Founder of Equi London

June 26, 2017

I recently caught up with  nutritional therapist, entrepreneur, author and speaker Alice Mackintosh who I have been following since we met at University. She is truly inspirational, running several successful businesses as well as co authoring the The Happy Kitchen which was released this year to rave reviews for it’s fresh and insightful guide to nutrition and well being. Alice co-founded the Equi London range of supplements with Rosie Speight which has already received multiple awards. The concept for Equi was born out of their shared passion to find quality supplements that would support their hectic London lifestyles so that they could remain in peak health and energy throughout their day. She also finds time to see her private clients at her clinic in Chelsea. I couldn’t wait to find out what makes her tick and to hear her thoughts on running a successful business and brand.


What Inspired you to have a career in nutrition and wellness and did you know it was always what you wanted to do? 

I have always been into science, and was obsessed with learning about human physiology at school so naturally I wanted to be a doctor. I worked extremely hard to get into medical school, however as I got closer and closer to this I realise that the medical profession wasn’t quite right for me.  In my late teens I learnt more about food and the impacts it can have on the body, and as I discovered more, I became totally hooked. After reading physiology at Leeds, I did another degree in nutritional therapy, which gave me a great foundation to start practicing with. I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew what felt right so I followed my instincts, worked hard and ended up doing something I love that plays to my strengths. The most exciting thing is that the journey is far from over!

What has been your proudest career moment so far?

The week we launched Equi we also got stocked globally on Net-a-Porter and had a huge article in the Daily Mail, so this probably goes down as one of my biggest professional achievements. I was proud as punch!   There have been other moments where clients have made huge headway and told me I have changed their life for the better, which is always hugely rewarding and so important to me.

How do you balance all the aspects of running your businesses?

It isn’t easy and it’s a constant juggling act! There was a crazy time when I was juggling a new business, writing a book and running a busy clinic, which made it impossible to have a life at the same time! If I try to do everything at once I tend to get into a muddle and don’t do the job at hand in the best way possible. The key for me is to have structure and a clear timetable of when I work on what, so that I don’t have to multi-task. I now have this down to a tee – with clear lists, apps, my virtual PA and a colour coded, super organised diary!

When it comes to Equi, I have Rosie, my best friend and amazing business partner -our partnership is absolutely fundamental to the efficient running and decision making behind Equi. I have no idea how anyone could run something like it alone.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Give yourself a break and enjoy the ride!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in your entrepreneurial journey?

Spend time when it comes to bringing people on board – whether hiring or finding consultants, find experienced experts that aren’t afraid to challenge you and tell you what’s not right.   

What’s your morning’s routine and what do you have for breakfast?

Though I’m a real morning person, I prioritise my sleep above a lot of other things and always try to get 7 hours night minimum. After making my bed and opening the curtains to get some natural light into the room (it just feel wrong not to!) I always start the day with a cup of herbal tea, I cant live without it! I quite often make my own ‘wake up juice’ concoction of fresh lemon, lemon zest, grated ginger and a pinch of cayenne pepper as this helps re-hydrate, enliven the senses and support detox and digestion. I drink this whilst I get ready for the day and listen to Radio 4 – a recent habit drilled into me by my boyfriend, who was getting sick of my poor current affairs knowledge!

My schedule changes all the time as I effectively have three jobs, so I fit exercise (normally a spin, a barre class or a run each week) around my timetable. I rarely leave the house without eating first, which is invariably eggs with oatcakes and avocado that keeps me full until lunch (I try to fast between meals). I then sit down to spend 30 minutes catching up on client emails and having quick call with my virtual PA whilst I eat. I also like to make sure I am up to speed with my diary for the day ahead to ensure I stay focused, productive and structured.

No morning is complete without a shot of my Equi after breakfast, which ensures I stay focused and energized for the day ahead. If I have an event I’ll have Beautiful, which gets my skin glowing too and this also means I don’t have to remember to take anything else for the day.

How do you stay motivated?

There is so much I still want to achieve and I’m nowhere near achieving it yet, so it’s impossible not to feel motivated! Having been in the industry for a number for years, you see where the gaps are and what people will really benefit from, but it takes time to develop that. As a practitioner, I am lucky that staying up to date with the science is absolutely fascinating and I love bringing the latest to my clients and helping them.

What Products can’t you live without? 

    • From a technical point of view, my iphone, computer and Dropbox are absolutely indispensable!
    • ‘This Works’ sleep spray to help me drop off at night and Pukka’s matcha green tea to wake me up in the morning.
    • Equi London Beautiful, to ensure I have radiant, clear skin and lots of energy, no matter how busy I am!
    • My Nutribullet – cheaper blenders just don’t create the same result!
    • My Meditation Centre app from Oprah and Deepak – I love their guided sessions as they always tell me what I need to hear.  
    • It’s not really a product, but my big rock of rose quartz is always in my bedroom. Rosie gave it to me just before I met my boyfriend and we started Equi, so I feel it’s brought me a lot of love and positivity
    • I also don’t think I could live without good quality dark chocolate  – I am and always will be an addict

How do you like to spend your down time?

Sleeping in is probably up there with my favourite! Also eating out with my boyfriend (we have an enormous list of places we are trying to work through), working out (I am a Paola’s Body Barre/Barrecore addict) cooking for friends, spending time with family outside of London, and of course travelling to new places whenever I can!

What do you think has been the main factor in your Equi Supplements huge success in such a short space of time? 

There are a combination of factors but a lot of it comes down to my partnership with Rosie. Our skills complement each other, and our roles are therefore naturally defined.  We are both really hot on listening to and trusting our instincts – they don’t always tell you what you want to hear but we always regret not listening to them.

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