Influencer Interview with Madeleine Spencer – Beauty Blogger and Instyle Editor

July 3, 2017

Madeleine Spencer 

I recently caught up with the stunning journalist and lifestyle blogger Madeleine Spencer. Madeleine founded her blog Madeleine Loves several years ago and quickly became a thought leader in the blogging and beauty industry. She has won several prestigious awards for her blogs and vlogs and is also the beauty editor for InstyleUK.  She loves all things travel and beauty and is a dab hand with a make up brush. She has recently opened up about some of her insecurities, vulnerabilities and anxieties writing about mental illness in The Panic Station to inspire and assist others dealing with similar issues. I was super excited to find out what makes her tick, some of the life lessons she has learnt along her journey, her fave products and advice for other bloggers like myself looking to carve out their niche in the blogosphere.                     

What inspired you to become a beauty blogger? Did you always know you wanted to have a writing based career?

 I started my first blog approximately a week after first hearing there was such a thing – I’d always kept diaries and, to me, it sounded like blogging seemed like a natural extension of that, not a viable career move. I initially wrote about London life interspersed with spa, fashion and beauty recommendations and treated it very much as a hobby.

When the beauty bit grew, I started a second blog,, and dedicated it entirely to beauty. I’ve now added other sections to ML to flesh it out as beauty is a great and joyous thing, but a life – and certainly my life – comprises much more than mascara and I wanted to represent that. That said, I’m a huge beauty advocate and think the right product, or feeling a certain way, can really positively impact your life.

While I vlog and make videos in the capacity of my job as a beauty editor at InStyle UK, I always have been a big fan of brilliant wordsmithery, and the draw of creating content remains, for me, writing.

What has been your proudest career moment so far?

I find it hard to pinpoint one, as the minute I’ve achieved something, I immediately look forward and reach for the next thing. If I had to choose a single milestone, though, I’d say it was probably winning a J & J Best Emerging Blogger award back in 2014 as it was the first award I won and it really spurred me on.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d suggest to my younger self that she stopped being so tough on herself. I wish I’d have realised that fat can be lost, jobs can be won, and relationships have a way of working themselves out. I used to plough so much energy into trying to shape my life, when my time would’ve been better spent enjoying it.  

What’s the Biggest lesson you have learnt in your entrepreneurial journey?

That people will say no, doors will be shut in your face, and there’ll always be someone doing better and making it look easy. And that, knowing that, you still have to get up every day and do your thing, because so much of achieving is about failing and making a total tit of yourself, then carrying on anyway. Not everything you do – and certainly not everything I’ve done – will be a success. But carry on, and you’re much, much more likely to be one.

What’s your mornings routine and what do you have for breakfast?

I’m pretty fixed in my morning routine. I get up, either stretch and then walk the dog or, if my husband takes him out, do my yoga, then dress and eat breakfast as late as I possibly can to extend the fasting period between dinner and breakfast. Generally I’ll either eat activated oats in coconut milk with some fancy toppings like blueberries, green powders and what not, or poached eggs with some veggies on the side.

How do you stay motivated especially when you are working solo?

I have a terrible fear of the black hole of inactivity, so I am motivated as much by the stick as I am by the carrot. That said, I work in an industry that’s teeming with fascinating people, so being a part of that motivates me, even though much of my time is spent alone, on a laptop, talking to my dog, Monty, who couldn’t be a less enthusiastic audience.

What Products can’t you live without? 

I had acne as a youth and still have bouts, so Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is a constant fixture. It is without any question the best concealer for covering redness while also somehow seamlessly blending into skin. Otherwise, I am more into genres of products – I wouldn’t go without eyelash curlers, for example – but am far less faithful to any one specific product than I am to that particular concealer, though I have plenty I’ll return to time and again. Some: By Terry Baume de Rose, which is a delicious, buttery lip balm; Aerin Rose de Grasse perfume, which is the freshest, greenest rose scent around, and Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eye Palette, which I use in my sideline as a make-up artist on almost every single bride I make up.

How do you like to spend your down time?

As so much of my job involves things that I’d have previously seen as downtime like going to restaurants or to a spa, I am now pretty sacred about sofa and yoga mat time. Whenever I’m on either, I am a happy woman, regardless of whether I’m in downwards dog, reading a book, or absorbed in a Poirot.

What do you think were the key factors in the success of your blog? With so many budding writers in the blogosophere any tips for standing out? 

A lesson from childhood has served me quite well in blogging. I once asked a teacher what the key to being a better writer was and she said “study the greats, but don’t mimic them.” My blog may well have captured a bigger audience more quickly had I copied peers and emulated their style, though I was determined to write in my voice, and about some of the things that interested me and that I knew about, in the hope that someone might connect with that. It seems to me that the intimacy of blogging can’t be faked, so my advice would be to make content on something you’re genuinely interested in as you’ll then naturally keep wanting to learn and share your findings. And it’ll bring you more joy, which is surely the point of it all in the first place.

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