Love In Unity

September 13, 2017

My husband and I have recently set up Love In Unity an organisation which seeks to bring more love and compassion to the world. Please check out my latest blog which tells you about our mission.

Undeniably there has never been a time when we need more love in the world. With tragedies seemingly increasing at a rapid rate by way of natural disasters and human conflict the call to action has never been stronger. But how can we alleviate suffering and bring greater  peace to the planet and ourselves? This is a question that has been on my mind for as long as I can remember and with recent events so raw, close to home and therefore seemingly so much more real I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I had to find a way. The thought of people and animals suffering caused me a lot of  pain and anguish but this type of energy is pointless unless we use it to affect change in the direction of what we want, away from the contrast in feeling that so often keeps us stuck.  I knew I could turn my pain into power and passion for helping others into a much greater purpose. This purpose is the reason we created Love in Unity. An organisation whose sole motive is to bring greater love and unity to the planet by way of awareness and education. If we can inspire and move people through our words, actions and vision we can and will create a domino effect starting with the individual. One positive thought, action and word has an energetic vibration far more powerful than that of a negative one so with positive focus at the forefront of our cause the momentum we will create will bring about monumental change. 

Changes of tidal magnitude can can start with just a smile and sending good intentions to others. Our plan is to hold events educating people on love and unity and loves innate power to bring us the joy and contentment which so many of us are on a life long quest to seek. We want to show you that love is tangible and available to every single one of us at all times and when we can harness its power we can do more than we ever could have wished for. 

When we stand together, we stand strong. Love in unity is all inclusive, all encompassing and will become in our eyes omnipresent. We become what we think about. Our thoughts are affected by our environment and who we surround ourselves with so it is our mission to bring this message to the masses. When the frequency of love is around us we cannot help but be inspired to give and contribute more. When we are in a loving vibration we want to draw others into it, we want to include everyone. The energies of love and hatred will cease to coexist because the pull of this movement will be too strong. All opposing and contrasting attitudes will fall away as  we raise the consciousness of humanity. Education is the key. Ignorance is no longer bliss. We cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. We can teach others to first fill up their own cup as we know that by teaching others to love themselves unconditionally for absolutely no the reason than because they are here and exist, we know that they will want to do the same for others. Those that know and love themselves unconditionally always feel called to love and contribute and share this with others. It is this kind of ripple effect we have been divinely ordered to spread. We believe in equality, diversity and unity of all. 

We cannot do this alone! Although it is our personal mission as an organisation to take action on this, to spread this message through challenges, events and a conscious social media platform we need your assistance. 

Please do follow, share and like our page. Our founder Jean-Pierre De Villiers will be taking on extreme challenges to highlight this cause and we would love you to follow and take inspiration from his journey. You can also become an integral part of this mission by donating to Love In Unity through our gofundme page. Your donations will enable us to move forward with momentum.

With Love and Gratitude 

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