My 1 Year Marriage Musings and Life Lessons

November 19, 2017
I’ve been married a year so clearly I’m the oracle when it comes to relationships…NAAAT! lol but seriously I’ve learnt a few nuggets of wisdom to help keep things on balance.
Here are my top seven life nuggets for harmony with your one.
In arguments always ask myself do I want to be right in this or I do you want to be happy. Guess which one my ego fights’s a toughy but a goody.
Communication is key. Talk more but listen more than you talk.
Focus on the good stuff way more than the negative. Make a conscious effort to think of the great things about your relationship and partner and watch the seeds of love sprout.
Praise each other and give thanks to your partner as often as possible. Trust me it keeps things sprightly.
Make a point to keep things light. Laughter is always the best therapy and can diffuse a negative situation instantly. Bursting into giggles is my go to fight diffuser and works every time.
Never keep score it will only make you feel resentful.
Accept the imperfections in your relationship. Perfection is not real and neither is looking to couples on Instagram for inspiration. You have no idea what is going on behind that lense.

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