Get moving life hacks

June 20, 2017

I have learned to fit exercise into my daily life as a non negotiable. For both my physical and mental wellbeing. We are designed to move as human beings, we re not designed to sit on chairs staring into screens all day. I know it is sometimes easier said than done but the more you do it the easier it will come.

Here are some of my little life hacks that might help you get moving. 

1.Book in weekly classes in your local gym, whatever floats your boat whether it be yoga, cross fit or spinning. If I have booked the classes I am a lot more likely to go as opposed to cancelling as I have set the intention. 

2.Surround yourself with images that inspire you and visualise yourself in the shape you want to be in and how it will feel. 

3.When you see someone in the shape you aspire to be like be mindful of envy or getting into a comparison flex. Instead send them good vibes. Thank them for giving you more clarity over what you desire and showing you more of whats possible. 

4. Don’t focus on the action. Focus on the outcome and how you’re going to feel when you reach your goals be that a weight loss goal, fitness or just general health and well being. It’s not the action that is motivating but the result and when you focus on how great it will feel to achieve your desired result the action will come from an inspired place and won’t feel like work. 

5. Invest in some cool gym or workout gear. Trendy active wear is all the rage these days. Pretty much all your favourite designers or high street shops have a decent selection and let’s be honest if we feel good in what were wearing we are more likely to use it and show it off. 





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