Ridding the ego

September 13, 2017
Love is the only truth
Fear is the opposite of Love and fear is ruled by the ego. Like fear the ego is an illusion, it is not truth but cleverly masquerades as such. The ego will sabotage our best efforts and dreams if we listen to it. The ego fear based thinking of the world obscures what is real. It appears real in its seduction but it’s veil is thin. When we listen to the ego we already feel we are on shaky ground. When the ego plays out on the mortal plane as war and power yielding the response is always undoubtedly fear. It is in complete opposition to love. 
Love is the only remedy to the ego and it’s illusions. We can transcend fear when we remember that we are love and that is who we are. It is where we came from and where we are ultimately going. It is where we begin and end for love is limitless, infinite and divine. Love doesn’t judge as the ego does. Love doesn’t manipulate as the ego does, love is courageous and strong unlike the ego. 
We all came here to this earth to fulfil our highest creative possibilities and expressions of love. The only resistance that may stilt our noble plight is that of the self sabotaging ego whose fear based thoughts cut like a knife to our soul clouding our perception of reality. When we remember that truth is love and that anything that doesn’t feel good to us and in flow with our nature is not real we can stamp out the ego and its menacing yet cowardly calls. As Marianne Williamson says ‘The ego is a constant temptation, dwelling in all of us, to perceive without love. The ego is the absence of love, the same way darkness is the absence of light.’
When we get back to love and see extending it’s power as our ultimate purpose here on earth we can see in a holy instant that there is nothing real in the way of our cause. In remembering our almighty cause we do not seek for motivation because love is the only real motivation there is. When we want to get rid of the dark, we simply turn the light on, when we want to rid the ego we simply turn the love on. 
When we Love In Unity we are protected from the forces of the egos destruction and tireless waste. When we love in unity we can overcome all obstacles of untruth. With daily practise you can join in the unity of love that our organisation seeks to promote and extend. Keep love in your minds eye at all times, infuse love in all your purpose and practises. Love is at the root of all of our passions, that’s why it feels so damn good when we follow them. We encourage you here at Love in unity to surrender your fear to the universe, to awaken to the illusion of the ego and to follow your passions for when you do, you freely extend the love that is at your nature and core out into the ethos without restraint creating further shimmers of hope to all those yet to reawaken to the love within them. 
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