Some anxiety busting musings

April 30, 2017

I found a bluebell field so lay down in it as you do. Majestic carpets of blue in abundance here. Found my new happy place. I had been feeling anxious this morning so took myself off for a run and much of my anxiety dissipated. Nature and movement are the best tonic always. I also came up with some anxiety busting questions which help me deconstruct and banish those pesky worries. For me, anxieties are often to do with judgements from myself or others or whether I am doing the right or wrong things. I can make a mountain out of a mole hill at times and usually when I question my thoughts I rapidly realise they are totally based in fiction and are not serving me at all. If you suffer from anxiety it may be caused by totally different concerns but in any case some of the questions below may help you get to the root of where your anxiety comes from and help to diminish their power over you.

Why is this judgement important to me?
In the grand scheme of things does this matter ?
In a year will this matter? Will I remember it?
Is this about you or them? Is this your stuff or theirs?
Is this emotion or anxiety serving me in any way ? Will this thought or emotion change the situation or change another’s behaviour or perception?
What does it really mean?
If it means what I think it means why would that be so bad?
Do I have to be liked by everyone?
Does their perception of me make a difference to my life?

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