Stand guard to the door of your mind

October 9, 2017

As I am running in the gym last night with my headphones on I can’t but help be drawn to the TVs up ahead which happening to be showing the news with subtitles. With each passing story my chest grows tighter, each one seems more harrowing than the next and I can feel a sense of doom and sharp stabbing pains around my heart as the reality of these stories prickle my nerves. Mass shootings, a man murdering his wife, civil unrest, stabbings, car crashes. Do these stories make me fearful, yes they do. Do they attribute to my anxiety, yes they do. Do I notice more and more lately that I seem to envision the worst possible scenario in all situations, do horrific visions and scenes cross my mind on a regular basis! Thoughts of losing people I love in yet another fateful attack or accident . Yes they do. It is hard not to when we are surrounded by so much tragedy. The suffering and malnintent permeates my cells. I try to resist, but what we resist always persists. I am fearful because it is fucking scary! No one is exempt. I’m sorry for this gloomy post but I know too well that we must address the darkness that resides within. I believe in honouring others trauma and of course we should not turn a blind eye to these news stories. It is the natural human response to feel these collective layers of consciousness and empathise with others pain but in order for us to create a mass awakening and rise up above the pain we must at least give a greater stage to the light. I think for every negative news story we must share a story of heroism, kindness or celebration. When we only consume the negative we absorb this energy and our thoughts become tinged with fear and fear only creates more to be fearful of. For ripples of joy and light to take flight we must be more conscious of what we consume and at the very least balance our vibration with that which is uplifting. The media would have you believe that the end is nigh but we have it in our power as individuals to harness and spread the love which is the essence of our being and the universe. We must immerse ourselves in environments that are conducive to change and milk the love that you see around you for all it is worth. There is a collective intention for transformation that is being called forth more intensely In response to the darkness that appears to be prevailing but we must remember that the darkness cannot hide and the more we are seeing, the greater ability we have to collectively heal and shed light on the fear that is symptomatic of the lovelessness in the world.

Do what you can today to create a ripple of change. Be that sharing something positive on your social channels. Taking action towards a worthy cause. There is no deed too small.

My dog Bella tenderly licking and comforting my other dog Zeus this morning brought warmth to my heart. I shared a video of it knowing it will resonate with others, it may remind you of the innocence and pure love of these beautiful animals. Perhaps you will feel called to share something similar or take note of where you ARE seeing love and kindness in your environment. Mini shifts in vibration create big shifts so shift and shine away.

“A single stone thrown into a pond can create massive ripples, and when it sinks to the bottom it will raise the water level all around however so slightly.”

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