Taking the high road

May 18, 2017

Take the higher ground. it’s not always easy but sometimes it’s necessary. I have recently been faced with a situation fraught with resistance. In this situation I have been deceived and my initial reaction is one of attack. I felt that I should respond in the manner in which I had been attacked to teach that person a lesson and also to seek some justice. When I stepped back and listened to my higher voice I saw the reality of this persons life and I felt very sorry for them. If this is the only way for that person to get some significance in their life then I will let them have it. Responding to their energy would only give them greater fuel which is sadly what they thrive on. It is a lonely person that seeks significance in this way and when I realised this I let it go. My ego wants to stamp my ground but my soul knows that this person is devoid of love and connection which is why they are acting out in this way. As Wayne Dyer says Let go and let god and today those words have been a beacon of peace. Keep them in your spiritual toolbox you never know when they will come in handy.

Jules xx

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