Twin flame

October 16, 2016

For my latest blog and in honour of my latest jewellery collection which features the symbolic twinflame pendant and bracelet I have decided to share with you a different expression of my creativity. A poem that embodies the sentiments inherent in the twinflame dynamic.

This is not a ‘How to’ but an expression of the love and divine energy inherent within us all that I hope you can connect with in this poem.

So what is a Twin Flame?

The twin flame is your twin soul which literally taken means the other half of your soul. It is your energetic mirror. We each have only one twin and after they are split the two souls go their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together.

From my personal understanding and perspective in essence the task of the twin flame relationship is to become more whole, we as souls are already whole as we are but the twin flame seeks to balance the masculine and feminine energies in reaching enlightenment.

By becoming more whole we are becoming more of who we really are, by transcending our past wounds we can live in a free and joyous state. A return to love.

The Twin flame pendant represents the culmination of the lessons learnt over lifetimes throughout our experience on the earthly physical plane. The twin flame symbol embodies growth, connection and unity.

Twin Flame

My heart shares your heart
the beats now moving slow
cos when I’m with you
it doesn’t have to go go go

Our souls are as one
we resonate together
I vibrate with you
our bodies do too

Deep connection is ours
i felt it long before
i waited for you
and now I couldn’t want any more

The spirit between us is intertwined
this mist like higher consciousness
can never be undermined
when my heart skips a beat
I know yours does too
were in this together my love
forever and ever our love rings true

I rejoice in anticipation of your presence
ripples of energy shaped as joy fizzle in attraction for you my special boy.

To be truly grateful is a sentiment
I have now learned,
the contrast I have felt has now spurned
a sense of knowing and gratitude
I did not foresee but now I can see my heart is only filled with giddying glee

The angels of delight, fan their wings bestowing us upon their celestial flight
fanning our flames of desire, sparks of heart centred abundance take off like a kite

I am now whole, distractions are obsolete
my only focus is you my love like an incessant wave of silky warmth
I am yours until the transition of source’s call
my hero saviour and knight who broke me from my quickening fall

In the depth of your loving embrace
I came to feel, a true sense of beauty in myself that only you could reveal. So hold me in your arms my prince, my gifts and light are merely peaking for my purpose in this life is to serve you literally speaking.

reflect your light and uplift you in your shadows
that is my promise, pride and pledge
The essence of your calling was always known
but now we have reunited in this physical plane
life is fulfilled and the seeds of pure love have sprouted once again
for you my love my one true twin flame.


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