Every breath is a gift

June 18, 2017
Remembering to breathe and take some moments to meditate today for myself but also for others. When I am not in a peaceful state I can be short with those I love. I am noticing where I am being short tempered over things that really don’t matter and realising how ridiculous it is to worry and stress in life about things that pose no real danger. I wonder if my fuse is sparking from much of the energy I have been consuming on the news which I have been unable to turn off from of late. I have been so consumed the last few days with all the terror that is going on in the world and the recent fire in London. Imagining the awful fates and pain so many have gone through. It seems like it’s one thing after the other and when tragedies happen so close to home they just become so much more real and their rawness acutely felt.
With every loss we are sadly more consciously reminded of the precious gift each day of life we have is. Some people just don’t get the chance to wake up tomorrow. When we can keep this at the forefront of our minds we can make the most of every second we have here and make a choice to become more discerning over the thoughts we think and the energy we put out to the world. It’s hard to see the silver lining in any of the recent disasters but one thing I can see that is spreading as a result is greater humanitarian compassion and Kindness that no knows no borders. I feel compelled to contribute and help others more than ever.
If we could all go out in the world each day with the intention to serve and add value to others in some way the consciousness of humanity would rise to such a high level that those operating in low vibrational fear based modalities would cease. When others pain is met with only love they will not know how to respond in any other way.
We can all do something everyday to show love to the world, if it be that you reach out to someone who could use a friendly chat, donate what you can to one of the aid organisations, smile at someone in the street, give someone a hug.
Most importantly give to yourself what the world needs, kindness and compassion. When we become vessels of peace from within we can take much more meaningful action. When I am taken by surprise by a brash reaction I have to something that doesn’t merit frustration I take this as a sign to step back, take sometime out, breathe and recenter. At this time we need to be as grounded as we can so we can hold space and strength for those less fortunate than us. Be the source to a domino effect of love and kindness. #loveinunity

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