Wear Your Good Vibes Only Shield Every Day

April 21, 2017

Love this! Saw it today and what a great reminder. I’m always wearing my Anti Bad Vibe Shield. Sometimes I even visualise a bright white protective aura surrounding me before I head out on my day. The more I grow on my own personal and spiritual journey it seems the more sensitive I become to other people’s energies. Now I can never understand those who actively choose to find fault in people and things, who throw away their happiness so cheaply, who look for reasons to complain and get offended by everything. Sadly it is those people that need to look inward the most but are so unaware of what their thoughts are breathing into their reality. I should know I used to be one of them! I would get offended by the smallest thing and take everything personally, I even used to think that anyone who gave me a compliment had an ulterior motive. I remember someone telling me I had a good figure and presumed they knew I was insecure and so were just saying it to make me feel better. Compliments left me feeling anxious and angry because I presumed they were disingenuous, like how dare someone compliment me when I couldn’t even compliment myself. When you don’t believe good things about yourself it is hard to accept them from others. I could never accept or receive kind words genuinely and I’m happy to say that nowadays I don’t bat people away so easily and I can express gratitude from a centred and authentic space. Sometimes I don’t and I revert back but I am aware of my thoughts when I resist good vibes and I question them. If you find yourself in a space of resistance, if you find yourself sabotaging yourself by rejecting something you know is good for you because deep down you think you don’t deserve it please learn to put yourself first and talk kindly to yourself. If it helps see yourself as a child version of you, why would anyone want to hurt and reject you in your innocence. We are all innocent at core and when we reject others we are really just rejecting parts of ourselves we don’t necessarily want to face up to. Next time you feel offended by something really question those thoughts and most often you will see that no one has set out to hurt you. The pain you feel is merely a symptom of where you are resisting love and this is always self inflicted. Sending love and good vibes to you all today and don’t forget to put on your anti bad vibe shield today. Other people’s bad vibes are theirs not yours.Send them love they need it most

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