Why you should stay slow

November 16, 2017

Life lesson 101. Listen to your body! This is not something I’m naturally inclined to do and historically it hasn’t been one of my strong points. Burning the candle at both ends and generally being an extremist in that sense has always been familiar to me, I’m working on making it less so but I put a lot of pressure on myself and unplugging just seems to hold a whole lot of resistance to my nature. The last few weeks has been a prime example, I have had a lot going on and have perhaps been ignoring some of my underlying anxieties by not taking time out for myself. The universe has of course brought me back down to earth with a bump. Despite being a little run down with a cold, lost voice and sort throat I had been charging on. I am now in Thailand and my first few days here are being spent in full on recovery mode having been sick, coughing and nauseous. Had I checked in with myself sooner perhaps I wouldn’t have had to lay so low but hey ho that’s how it goes and of course there are worse places to recover. I feel blessed I have these few days to get back on track before I welcome our guests for our fitness retreat and start training myself.

When we get caught up on the train of obligations and schedules which can of course be exhilarating as well as exhausting we sometimes forget to take a breath and check in with who and where we are. For us to stay in the drivers seat of our life it’s important we take control by regularly checking in and stopping to see that we are in alignment with where we are heading. When we go off path or are hit with a universal speed bump to slow us down we feel rendered to being a passenger in our own life paths.

Remember to take stock now and again especially when it feels like everything is coming your way all at once! The excitement can feel like speed is necessary but staying slow is the key to maintenance of joy, connection and a healthy body and mind. Don’t ignore the signs. They are your universal indicator to take your foot of the accelerator and receive the flow of calm and ease you have pre paved through your hard work and inspired action.

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