5 things to bring with you to ensure a safe holiday

December 5, 2017

Going travelling? A holiday should be the time for relaxation and pure enjoyment, so long as you ensure you stay safe during the trip. With that being said, here are five essential things you need to be bringing with you on your holiday to ensure you remain as safe as can be.

Medical supplies

When packing your case, make sure you’re not forgetting all the necessary medical supplies to ensure you’re staying on top of your health when travelling. Things such as tablets or medicine shouldn’t be forgotten, from the more common things such as paracetamol for general aches and pains, to travel sickness tablets to combat potential nausea in the air or on journeys once you’ve arrived.

Make sure you’re bringing some antiseptics, too. When travelling it’s likely you’ll pick up a couple of scratches or cuts along the way, and with the potential risks to be found in a country abroad, it isn’t worth the risk – antiseptics will ensure you’re cleaned up and on your way.

This is especially important if you’re travelling with a medical condition – if you have special medication you need to bring with you, you’ll have to disclose what you need to airline staff beforehand, as well as making it clear at customs just what you need. Strict security measures could make it particularly difficult.


Regardless of where you’re travelling to, sunscreen is a must. It could be cloudy and cold yet the sun always has potential to burn your skin, and with the unpredictability of certain climates abroad, it’s important you’re always layering up with sunscreen throughout the day to prevent any damage.

Sunburn may seem like a minor, superficial inconvenience but the deeper effects of it could potentially be dangerous depending on their severity. Sunstroke and sun poisoning are two illnesses that could lead to a hospital stay in major cases – it isn’t worth the risk. Sunscreen is simply a must.

Pre-converted cash


Don’t leave changing your money up until the last minute. Converting your cash should be done at home, both for safety and for the best deals – you’d be hard done by securing as good an exchange rate abroad as you would at home. Make sure you shop around to secure the best deal.

Exchanging your money abroad is always risky, as with foreign money exchanges it’s often hard to distinguish the real from the fake, and scams could leave you entirely out of pocket if you aren’t careful. By doing it at home, you’ll be ensuring you’re in safe hands with your cash.

A map

Sure, you may want to head off the beaten track – but don’t do it without knowing where you are exactly. Too many travellers get lost and effectively into trouble when holidaying due to not knowing their way around, and unless you’re with someone who knows the area, a map is a necessity.

A paper map may seem like an ancient thing to consider, but with the risk of phones running out of battery or getting no signal, it’s often your best bet. Sure, lose yourself in your location – but not literally.

Your phone

You shouldn’t leave your phone behind. Despite the probable desire to escape from the outside world when you travel, your phone should remain your best friend so that you’re able to stay in contact with friends and family, keeping them updated on your whereabouts, as well as getting help from the emergency services if you need.

Save some numbers on your phone at the beginning of your trip to ensure they’re easy to get to. These could be emergency numbers, information helplines or even things such as accommodation contact numbers – anything you think will come in handy during your travels.

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