Believe it then you will see it

Our thoughts create our reality. Several years ago when I was working in London, starting my own business while working several jobs I remember thinking it had been years since I had been travelling or taken a holiday. My life wasn’t where I wanted it to be so I thought I didn’t deserve to go away and enjoy myself. My fleeting moments of fun came from a night on the tiles, assisted by copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. I was living in a ‘boho’ council flat with a schizophrenic landlord from hell. I was working low paid temp jobs and other freelance fashion jobs surrounded by energy vampires that sucked the life out of me. It was always I’ll treat myself when this happens or that happens and and yet at the same time I had always dreamt I would be living a life of freedom and travel and couldn’t work out why this part of my life hadn’t come to fruition yet. The truth was I was withholding it from myself, I had asked the universe over an over for years but nothing was changing, somewhere deep down I knew it was part of my journey but I didn’t know how. I stayed stuck by virtue of my lackful fear based thoughts and the low standards I accepted for myself. As I started practising the law of attraction, focusing on good feelings and what I wanted to attract as opposed to what my reality was, shifts started to occur immediately. Within 6 months I met my soulmate twinflame who is now my husband and my life is one of Adventure and travel. The travel part didn’t come as I might have thought, it came as the universe intended and in a much more expansive way than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes I can barely believe it. The answer was to surrender, let go and let god and trust that all is as it should be. The things that have shown up for me since are out of this world amazing. Don’t get me wrong I still have lots of work to do but knowing that it all a matter of divine timing and focusing what makes you feel good allows me to relax in the knowing that all is on its way. We all have the capacity to attract what we want into our lives, everything we want we already have inside of us it is just a matter of believing it before the seeing of it. If I can do it from where I was so can you. Xx

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