Butternut Squash soup with Courgette Fritters and Tzatziki

August 11, 2016

Butternut squash soup with Courgette Fritters (serves 6)

5 large courgettes
2 eggs
Chickpea flour (half cup)
lemon juice
half a cup chick pea flour
2 carrots
Half a white onion
1 chopped leek
Cube of vegetable stock
2 chopped celery sticks

1. Boil the chopped and peeled butternut squash with the rest of the vegetables in a large saucepan. We used half an onion, celery, carrot, leeks and garlic and a cube of veg stock. Boil together until the butternut squash has gone soft. Then drain the veg but retain the water stock in a separate bowl.

Using a blender purify the vegetables. Add half a tin of coconut milk or more to taste and mix well on the hob under a light flame with the purified veg. Keep stirring and then add your water vegetable stock until you have the desired consistency. Season to your taste with salt and pepper.

Courgette Fritters

Grate the courgettes then add them to a large mixing bowl. It is best to get the moisture out of the courgettes. You can do this by squeezing them in a tea towel, by hand or leaving for an hour or two to drain out in a colander.

Next add the eggs, lemon juice and seasoning into the bowl of grated courgettes and mix. Now add the flour little by little until you get a sticky consistency. Make your desired sizes of fritter and then fry them off in coconut oil. (preferably thinner fritters is better so it cooks through to the middle faster.)

Serve with Tzatziki.

For the Tzatziki We used half a tub of Soya yogurt mixed with a full grated cucumber, 2 cloves of garlic, seasoning (pink salt and pepper) and juice of 1 lemon. You can add very finely chopped mint and basil leaves.


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