Hindsights a funny thing

December 5, 2017

Thinking today about a negative situation that happened in my life last year that forced me to change direction. Although at the time it felt bloody awful had it not happened I would never have taken a universal reroute which has brought me to where I am now which I wouldn’t change for the world. The universe often puts what feels like obstacles in our path to move us on to pastures new where we are going to be able to further manifest our highest potential. If a situation is causing you pain it’s a signal that where you are now is out of alignment with the desires you have set forth and are on your way to manifesting. Had the pain I was feeling not occurred I may have not seen a reason to redirect and in hindsight staying put wouldn’t have brought me all the amazing opportunities I am now experiencing. When we look back at negative events we can see how they in fact transformed our lives directing us towards a life we would not change for anything



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