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August 31, 2016

We all hear of how important a powerful morning routine is, but why is keeping it consistent so important and how can taking time out for ourselves in the morning really benefit our day going forward.

Taking time each morning to meditate, practise our gratitude and affirmations is of course a very self loving thing to do but ultimately it is a training and habit forming practise. We are training our attitudinal muscles. Marianne Williamson says that meditation is honing our mental and emotional muscles in the way that physical exercise is honing our bodily musculature. We do spiritual practise so that our minds may be channels for right thinking.

The more we do it the stronger it gets, with practise we can build up a solid emotional and psychological foundation which means that if we fall off the wagon skip a few days as we might occasionally at the gym we will not completely lose what we have honed only softened it.

How we prime our minds affects how we receive and respond to our day.

We can of course start our day setting the intention to go forth with love and peace at the forefront and yet by noon be full of anger and frustration. When we react we subtract from the love that is at our core. Reacting is self sabotaging since it creates momentum on a situation or thought that we do not want. Before we know it the thing that may have been fairly small and seemingly insignificant has dominated a large part of our thoughts that day infecting and affecting our productivity and motivation. When I am sitting in the low vibration emotional states of anger or frustration I am not in a productive or motivated space. I am usually focused on the exact thing that has triggered me.

Let’s be honest there is no one that can set you off more than a family member or spouse. I might start my day all jolly and affectionate with my partner but something one of us says can change the air of affection in an instant.

As an example recently we were in the car on the way to the office and started talking about a business idea. Something about this idea had some charge within me and I straight away disregarded it without thinking it through. I was extremely blunt and left no room for negotiation about it. This of course created a tense atmosphere right away since I gave no rhyme or reason as to why i didn’t wish to discuss it further. My reaction had nothing to do with my husband or the idea in question but triggered in me a personal issue I was going through that I then projected onto this situation. An hour later having mulled it over and realised it was totally my issue and in fact the idea was a good one that I would in fact like to discuss I texted him to apologise for my frostyness. When I saw him again that evening, he said he hadn’t received the text until several hours later that day and had said that what happened that morning had been on his mind that day as it had mine. Although that morning how started in a relaxed way I hadn’t taken the time to do my usual self care routine, I hadn’t meditated, gone for a run, I had been pulled along by the day, the dogs, the dishes..My reaction in this situation was without patience and I believe a result of a lack commitment to my morning grounding which resulted in sloppy thinking.

Starting my day centred can have a drastically positive affect on all my relationships. For example something my mother said to be really triggered me recently, instead of reacting and getting angry as I might have done previously I sat with the feeling, one of annoyance I and let it settle into my being. I soon realised that the exact thing she did was something I do all the time, I have subconsciously been modelling my mother all along without realising it and the very thing she did that annoyed me the most was also a pattern I was often playing out. In not reacting I was practising patience, patience for my mother who from my centred place was doing the best she could and patience for myself. All of our reactions are a culmination of experiences and thoughts past, reactions are not random they are manifestations of unconscious beliefs that are coming up to be looked at, we can then decide if they should be kept or done away with but it our awareness of them that is key in changing the patterns.

To discover our wounds we must look at what has triggered us the most emotionally. A relationship particularly a romantic one can test us to the limit, pushing our buttons like no other. We can look at this as an agitation or as a clue as to what our most deep seated blocks are. In our awareness of them we can start to heal and change the pattern.

Implementing a morning routine that involves clearing mental space and setting forth intention has been the spiritual key that has helped me become more self aware so that I have been able to evidently change the patterns that were not serving me.

In growing whether that be through a perceived positive or negative experience we are never wasting time. The more self aware we become the more we can expand.

Setting forth your day from an uncentred, rushed space can manifest in all sorts of unwanted ways. Here is another example. I also have a fear of being late, or perhaps missing out on something, being left behind. This manifests in me getting very frustrated if I feel I don’t have enough time. I can spend a whole journey on the way to somewhere feeling cross and agitated worrying that I don’t have enough time. Focusing on this of course exacerbates my frustration and can bring about matching vibrations to ensure that of course I don’t have enough time. This often looks like being stuck behind a tractor or getting stopped at every red light there is going. So why I am I telling you this and why does it relate to taking time for myself in the morning.

Well as a rule of thumb the times I get taken up an a negative momentum that I struggle to get out of have 90% of the time been as a result of NOT doing my morning routine, not setting my day up for success. It is when I feel like my day is running me than the other way around that I a resistant filled funk seems to permeate my being. The examples I have given are things that can often emotionally dominate our days which can turn into weeks if we choose to follow their momentum and avoid taking the time to lessen their mental charge. Disentangling our emotions can seem like effort in the short term but pay back in kind in the long term.

Not only does giving twenty minutes of my morning up for myself help calm my mind so that I can balance my emotions going forward but it also ensures that I am able to plan my day a little so as not to feel like I am chasing my tail. Avoiding a resistant filled day with 20 minutes in the morning of self care is literally the biggest time saver there is.

Whether you spend your morning meditating, taking time to be present with your breakfast in quiet, writing out your intentions, gratitude’s or going for a run, make it a must. In whichever way you may start your day to clear your head please make it priority to do so, for it is selfish NOT to do it. In the same way you take a morning daily shower to wash away the dirt from the day clearing your mind in the morning clears away the residual emotional specs that have been building up from the day before. A clean slate, a deep breath and a positive attitude will increase your motivation, and support you in being a conduit for good feeling experiences as your day progresses. Do this for seven days and take a note of the mini miracles you experience, from friendly encounters in the post office to those car parking spaces opening up for in perfect timing. Be grateful for all these things and watch what shows up. It is the consistency of seemingly small joys that creates a consistently happy life. We are human beings not human doings so allow yourself to honour your humanness when you can.

That 20 minutes in the morning is SO much more than you know.


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Love and Gratitude

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