Mindfulness Meditation Download

Hi Guys

I have included a free guided meditation gift for you here as a thank you for visiting my site. The power of daily meditation cannot be underestimated and I believe it is the integral and primary tool that will help us to connect with our inner selves and quieten the cantankerous chatter that so often distracts us from feeling and acting as our authentic and aligned selves.

minfulness-nospaceWhen we sit in stillness we can observe our thoughts and asses where it is in our life that we are still living in fear. Our limiting beliefs and negative thought forms cannot be ignored in this state, but in the stillness with some practice we are able to release those lower vibrations and re captivate the peace and love that is the absolute basis of our being.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I find it a struggle to sit still to focus on myself especially when I feel like I have so many other important things to do, but what I do know is that by showing up even just for five minutes and letting the universe know you are putting your souls needs first, you are always heavily rewarded. My day runs smoothly, I make better decisions, I’m calmer and have more clarity.

Having always looked outside of myself for fulfillment and gratification which always left me with a tingling sensation of an ever expanding black hole, I realised that doing this inner work through meditation might actually be worth something. It’s not easy at first and it took me a long time to really be able to sit and focus on my breathing without resisting the incessant internal dialogue but it gets infinitely easier each time and the results the universe wields to you just for showing up are very powerful. I know sometimes the thought of stopping and dropping to meditate feels like another rung on the to do list but without it that to do list can overwhelm you. Since I started using meditation the flow of energy in myself became free of resistance allowing all the wonderful gifts the universe has for us to flood in like the gold showering off the end of a vibrant rainbow.

I urge you to give this meditation a go. Devote just ten minutes of your day to it and after a week reassess how you feel. I can promise you the benefits will astound you. Schedule meditation into your calendar as you would an important meeting. This is a meeting with yourself the most important client of all!

Love and Gratitude

Julia x