Millet porridge

May 18, 2016

I an a huge fan of protein packed Millet. It is classed as a seed and is full of magnesium. It makes a great breakfast porridge and gives me lots of energy.

You can buy millet flakes in any good health store and prepare them in much the same way as oats.

I add a cup of millet flakes to a saucepan and cover in water usually double the amount. I cook on a medium heat stirring throughout while the flakes expand and absorb the water. While cooking I add a teaspoon of cacao powder and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. After five minutes the porridge should be ready.

Serve with mixed fruits, cacao nibs and almond milk. I sometimes like to add a serving of nut butter in the mix. Millet porridge is creamy and delicious and gets me out of bed everytime.

Enjoy xx


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