Wellfest Ireland

This weekend was our last official weekend in Ireland. It was time to head over and pick up our car but most importantly my beloved dogs Zeus and Bella who I hadn’t seen for over a month, I have missed them terribly. We flew via Dublin as my husband was supporting a friend in a boxing match there. Saturday also coincided with Well fest which is Ireland’s only health, fitness and wellness festival and luckily we had enough time to mooch around and take it all in. (www.wellfest.ie)   See me below looking jolly on my way in.

I love an expo and checking out new brands, especially the healthy food vibes. I was also delighted to catch a couple of the speakers and I think my husband was even more so as we were able to see Joe Wicks aka The body coach and John Kavanagh who is coach to MMA fighter Conor McGregor who is a huge source of inspiration to my husband. I am pretty well acquainted with him myself as most mornings his voice is beaming from youtube motivational audios that my husband likes to play while setting up for the day. He is a prime example of someone who has believed everything he wanted into existence through hard work, determination and visualisation techniques. He is certainly one of the most high brow and vocal users of the Law of attraction and its power. John Kavanagh spoke about how Conor Mcgregor keeps getting better at what he practises consistently as like Tony Robbins says people get rewarded in public for what they do in private. How we see Conor Mcgregor now with all that ferocious confidence and ability is not how he has always been. We are only seeing this as the tip of the ice berg with a decade of hard work in the shadows behind him. John gave the example of when Conor Mcgregor lost one of his first fights and locked himself in his room for 2 weeks.  You might say he didn’t deal with this loss very well but now when we see him after losing a fight his ability to learn from his defeats is  admirable but this is a skill he has built over ten years. He practised dealing with failures and losses and now he celebrates them because he knows that with every failure is a lesson to grow stronger.  His coach relayed to us the three things he told Conor Mcgregor at the beginning of his journey. 

You have to accept that failure is  a part of life so you can move on from them. 

You have to be responsible for your actions. 

Sometimes just because you are taking action it doesn’t mean its the right action. Practise whats uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. 

As we arrived we saw Joe Wicks who comes across as such a dude. He seems so down to earth which is amazing considering his level of success. Millions of people use his body transformation programmes every month and he already has several cookbooks. His main pointers to his success were that he has always been consistent with his message. He hasn’t changed what he has been doing since he started and he says much of his success comes down to the catchyness , speed and ease of his videos. It probably helps that he’s a bit of a charmer and a pretty boy to boot.

I had a good mooch around the festival and it was awesome to see so much going on from yoga and fitness classes to cookery demonstrations.  I caught up with a couple of my fave drinks brands Panacea and Skinny Malinkys  juices whose juices are raw, unpasteurised and unadulterated, packed with live enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital elements to your health. They are so tasty and she also provides cleansing packages which I am thinking of trying. I have never done a full on juice cleanse but I think I need one! Panacea does water based Kefir drinks with live cultures that add good bacteria back into our bodies,  I particularly love the rosa flavour which is so refreshing and all are naturally dairy free!


I finally tried an Acai bowl, which is basically a thick smoothie with healthy toppings. I had this as my afternoon snack but it felt more like a pudding.  You can buy it in powder form from www.amazonia.organic and then blend it with whatever you like.

Anyone that knows me knows I am pretty much breakfast obsessed. I literally get excited about it before I go to bed, having said that I guess I’m a creature of habit and my morning porridge bowl rarely changes. I am always on the look out for something to else to hit the spot and that is nutritious, healthy, yummy and filling. I came across this brand Homespun which does Quinoa based cereal handmade in Ireland and I have to say it was really good. I know that quinoa has a good amount of protein content compared to most cereals so I was intrigued to try it.  The quinoa was just the right amount of crispy and a portion with some almond milk felt very light but still kept me nicely full. We bought the Goji Berry, Cashew and coconut variety which Gluten, wheat & dairy-free and high in fibre & vitamin E, as well as a source of iron and folic acid. It would also work really well as a topping on yoghurt or porridge witch I think would be a better option than a daily breakfast bowl as its around £4.50 a packet.  Unfortunately my nearest stockist is Harrods but no doubt this brand will grow into further stockists soon.

The wellness tent has some stylish brands led by my favourite Ommactive active wear, I already have a their fab Tree Of Life vest and Hummingbird crop but was totally into this minty training top. Check out their full range at www.ommactive.com 

I was psyched to bump into our friend Michael Cullen at the festival who I met last year on my acting course in Belfast.  He is an amazing beat boxer and I never got round to seeing him live in Belfast so it was great to finally see him do his thing. Check him out below giving it some dubby tones which brought me back to my rave days. I actually had to stop myself lightly skanking amongst the legging clad yogis lol. You can find him on insta and on youtube @iamcullofficial for some more content.


After the festival we headed to our hotel The Hilton Kilmainham which is a favourite of ours when we come to Ireland as the service is amazing and they have a great events space where we often hold our workshops.  They always make an extra effort when we come and this time we arrived to the most beautiful suite with a some lovely cards and a big box of chocolate. I was very grateful but at the same time annoyed as I knew that my intention for a clean eating weekend was about to be scuppered. As always balance is everything and I just worked a little harder in the gym the next morning. Guilt free eating is so important. If we feel guilty when we are eating certain foods I believe we put negative energy into our body, we are telling our body that the food we are eating is not nourishing us and usually this is not the case at all. Once in a while if you’re body feels like a sweet treat go for it! It is not what we do every now and again that defines us it is what we do consistently that amounts to who we are and how we show up in this world both mentally and physically. Be kind to yourself, eat mindfully and feel deserving of the food you are eating. 

The next morning we got the train to Belfast, picked up our car and the dogs and headed back for one last night in Portaferry where we have been based for almost two years now. I can hardly believe it has been that long as I sometimes feel like I am in a time warp where I am constantly catapulted from one dimension of being to the next.  The universe delivered the most incredible sunset on the last night for us which I have shared below. It was lovely to reflect on an incredible two years in such a beautiful place the highs and the lows. I was really able to reconnect with myself and nature while living there away from the distractions of the city. I have come to realise I am definitely an emotionally sensitive soul but  having always been a bonafide city girl I now find the energy of the city too intense! As much as I love to pop in I also love to pop out and ground in nature when I can. Living in such a sparse and isolated space in Ireland brought to the forefront many contrasting experiences and the shadows that needed looking at on a deeper level. It has taught me so much about finder greater connection and alignment with myself. I had many incredible experiences there, I also had many contrasting experiences there which of course gave way to a huge amount of personal growth.  Through the contrast I gave birth to many new strong desires, the seeds of which have now begun to sprout in the most magnificent of ways.  New adventures are calling! 

Jules xx 






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