Work With Me

My 6 week intensive coaching programme is designed to kick start your journey to radiant health and well-being.

I will be coaching you one on one through your own personal transformations using the strategies that I have used to totally and irreversibly turn my life around.

I will be guiding you through the principles that I share in my e-book. The twenty keys to personal power, how to unlock the real you in turn helping you become the best version of you.

Our sessions will help you to make critical life decisions that will empower you long term. This programme is designed to create lasting change through anchoring new habits and reforming old patterns that have not been serving you. We will work towards achieving your goals by getting clarity on where you are now and exactly where you want to be.

This programme is designed to help you first identify then eliminate the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from getting what you want in life.

By transforming your inner world your outer world will follow suit. I know exactly what it is like to feel constant fear and anxiety, feel like you are not enough as you are but I’m here to show you that you do not need fixing only healing so that we can peel back the layers of resistance that are blocking you from the real you that is waiting to be liberated.

Throughout the programme we will shine light on your shadows so that we can examine the contrast that is masked as fear and in turn bring awareness to that which must be let go of.

I can promise you that if you do the work, implement the changes that will best serve you (I will show you how to do this) your life will never be the same again. This 6 week programme is a game changer.

What to expect

    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou will get my personal coaching to help you get the kick ass body you deserve
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldReforming patterns so you can optimise your energy and make the most of your physical and emotional home.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldMy best recipes and daily rituals for optimum health.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldGreater clarity on your goals and a clear action plan with steps on how to achieve them in a given time period.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldA shift in perspective which will help you ditch the inner bitch in your head that is keeping you stuck.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldGreater energy and well being.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldA huge boost in self-worth and confidence.
    • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldA better understanding on what has been holding you back.

This is for you if the below apply

  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou crave more energy, vibrance, happiness and peace of mind.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou have good intentions but always end up self sabotaging. You are a worrier and get anxious easily.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou want to lose weight, get fit and eat healthy natural foods.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou feel like you are not a priority and are overwhelmed, you wish you had more time for yourself.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou want to find and maintain the energy to succeed. You want to inspire your friends and family to become the best version of themselves by being the beacon of light
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldPast hurts keep coming to the surface and holding you back from fully enjoying life, you have self worth issues and find it hard to truly value yourself.”
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou feel down because you have been focusing on your failures and are struggling to move forward
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou have a vision to achieve your dreams and goals and want someone to help you get and stay motivated.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou hold resentment and are having trouble forgiving someone

How to begin your journey with me

  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldBefore we start you will be sent a Fact finder Form to fill out so that we can get a good idea of where you are at and which areas need the most focus.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldAs part of the programme you will receive 3 60 minute Skype sessions. If we are able to meet in person I am more than happy to do this.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldIn between our sessions you will receive relevant material to support you in your transition. These may include films, audios, book and other inspirational resources.
  • C-_Users_ILLUMEDIA_Downloads_check-mark-goldYou will have direct access to me via email or whatsapp. Your messages will always be responded to within 24 hours.

Total Investment for this programme is  £497 

If you would like to book in a session with me please email my PA Amanda Faramus

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I cannot praise Jules enough. Since working with this incredible girl my life has developed and improved ten-fold on all levels. Her strategies and lateral thinking has enabled me to really structure and direct my life in all the right directions. Jules is a fantastic listener and a pragmatic and dynamic advisor. She sees all aspects from a open-minded and logical perspective. I will continue to work with her and look forward to what the future holds. Thank you so much Jules-you’re a true shining star. – Rach “The Serenity Healer”, London