My Story

Welcome to my website thank you so much for checking it out and sharing in my passions.

I have recently rebranded and made a huge shift so that my business is more aligned with my passions and authentic self. You see, previously I was a small jewellery brand selling product which yes I had lovingly created but the truth is selling product didn’t excite me and didn’t give me the motivation I needed to truly spur me on to finding a fulfilling career path which incorporates all that I love which is most importantly, a connection to people.

I created my pieces to adorn women, give them an experience, make them feel like a goddess but my brand just didn’t reflect this and as a multi passionate entrepreneur it was important for me to include all that I am under my sparkly shining new umbrella of a website. Free meditations, lifestyle tips and all. As soon as I made this shift, ideas and creations started overflowing and pouring out of me like there was no tomorrow and my passion to show others how to create a life aligned with their passions took hold of me. I became reacquainted with my love for creative writing and now regularly blog on here and for various lifestyle publications sharing my travels and nuggets of wisdom I collect along the way. So here I am and here is my story.

Although you will see my my sites and social media filled with positivity and goddess related tips which reflect my current state of fulfillment and joy, my personal journey and inner world has been filled with deep contrasts.

I now live a full and balanced life with my amazing husband and advocate a healthy, balanced and nourishment filled existence but my life has always been pretty extreme. At one time I was so out of balance that I feel genuinely lucky to still be alive. I was always the craziest and most ‘out of control’ of my friends always seeking more and going against all that we know is respectful to our body, mind and soul. My body suffered almost a decade of self abuse. The recovery process has been slow but along the way I have learnt so much and always just in perfect timing the mentor I needed has magically manifested. It’s true what they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I soon figured if I could put such a vigorous and extreme energy into doing what’s bad for me and believe me I was good at it, I could turn that energy just as vigorously for something else and use it equally as powerfully to do good for myself and others. We get good at what we practice so by practising new thoughts and rituals my life and health soon turned around. I have spent the last three years studying and immersing myself in personal development. I found courses and teachers that resonated with me, I learnt to overcome limiting beliefs and how to nourish my physical and emotional home in the best way possible.

A sense of loneliness and disconnection has pervaded most of my life until now. I felt that I had been on an incessant merry go round of distractions. Distractions mostly from myself! I believe it is the feeling of disconnection that is the basis of all addictions and negative behavioral traits but I also truly believe that we create our reality and that the quality of our thoughts create the quality of our life. Yes we all run into shit sometimes, people betray us, outside circumstances can cause us trauma but the human mind is a powerful thing and through my own experience I know that we can overcome anything and everything just by disciplining our mind and implementing daily rituals for our body to keep us in a balanced state. Once you are truly healthy you will be truly happy and ones outside circumstances will reflect the same.

The biggest reason for feeling a sense of isolation is of course a lack of self esteem. This is something I had unfortunately cultivated in abundance from a young age. I was the girl who was always left out at school, bullied for being ugly and overweight, sniggered at for my choice of style, never included with the cool kids and certainly never deemed attractive enough to be looked at by the boys. When we are young and do not typically fit into a family or social tribe we develop the idea that something must be wrong with us. This belief slowly corrodes us throughout life and decreases our ability to connect with others or share our authentic selves for fear of ostracisation or rejection.

The internal anger I felt as a child built up and I didn’t have the courage and self esteem to stand up for myself my home life also suffered as I felt this was not somewhere I could seek help. I raged at my family and my connection to them became increasingly distant. I spent my teenage years running away from any kind of family engagements where I also felt disconnection. Instead I spent time hanging out with friends and their families. Although this suited me at the time a lack of family grounding which I had always run away from soon came back to haunt me. In my early twenties my life spiralled out of control as I used and abused my body and mind to create a temporary sense of connection, but having never cultivated a sense of grounding, stability or real support, when things got really bad I felt I had nowhere to turn and no tools to equip me to deal with my life and the negative situations I had created.

In the end I totally lost control. After finishing uni I booked a one way flight to Ibiza of corse and it was all down hill from there. I eventually hit rock bottom and from that point onwards took responsibility for my actions and have been on a meteoric rise to happiness, self awareness ever since.

Now, instead of rebelling against the belief that something must be wrong with me and dealing with it in all sorts of the wrong ways, I have accepted it, faced it and used it as a spring board for personal development and change. I soon came to realize that the only thing wrong with me was the thought that there was something wrong with me. This sentiment lead me to the space where I allowed genuine connection to occur.

When I allowed myself to fully connect with who I was I rapidly developed the self esteem to let go of toxicity in all areas of my life. Within the space of a year I had attracted and become engaged to my Twin flame, I left the crappy part time jobs I hated, I moved to the most beautiful house in the countryside and now fully embrace and devote my time to my business and the pursuits which really make me happy. I let go of relationships that weren’t serving me, set strong boundaries and got a coach. I am in the best shape of my life and I have so much energy. I finally feel free and I have been able to uncover the connection I was always looking for. I am by no means perfect but when I slip off path now which of course I do, I have all the tools and strategies to help me get back to my centre.

Of course it hasn’t been plain sailing, when we are on a rapid journey of spiritual and personal growth the ride can be super rocky, but I have accepted this ebb and flow of energy as part of the beauty and nature in life. The more aligned I am the better I feel and the better I feel the more I have to give to others. More energy, more love and more creativity.

I know many of you have experienced or are experiencing some of the emotional contrasts that I have and I hope some of the nuggets of wisdom I have collected can help you find a new perspective. My jewellery can certainly uplift and transform, helping you look and feel like the goddess that you are. We attract what we feel so whether it be by wearing something that makes us feel good or simply by reflecting that inner pure positive source within each of us, it is my mission to help pull out that radiance from within you, clearing the cobwebs of resistance and limiting beliefs which are blocking you from embracing and allowing your true path.

I have created this website as my online vortex filled with all my loves, creations and lifestyle musings that I hope to inspire you with.

Be authentic, be healthy, be abundance.

Be who you are


Jules XX